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    117117 * Take the FIRST and LAST revision number from that log 
    118118 * {{{ svn merge -rFIRST:LAST }}} . 
     119 * If you do not get any merge conflicts, then follow the next step, otherwise use "Resolving Merge Conflicts" as a quick guide to help resolve any conflicts. 
    119120 * {{{ svn commit -m'merge -rFIRST:LAST' }}} 
    120121 * now you can remove the release branch: 
    121122 * {{{ svn rm }}} 
     125== Resolving Merge Conflicts == 
     127If you are fortunate you will not see merge conflicts when you merge the branch back to trunk, however 
     128if you do, then the following is a quick crib on how to deal with it. 
     130When svn updating you SVN will halt at the file in conflict asking you what to do, simply select "postpone" as  
     131we will go back to the conflicted file(s) after the merge has completed. 
     133SVN will create three files if there is a merge conflict in trunk and the branch, a 'left.merge', 'working' and 'right.merge' file. 
     135The simple way to work this out, is open the actual file in vim. 
     137Look for lines that begin with >>> or <<<  
     139Depending on which lines you keep, remove the lines between >>> or <<< and === and remove these lines too. 
     141Once you have completed the merge and are happy with the changes, tell svn you have resolved the problem: 
     143svn resolved <file-name> 
     145This removes the merge conflict files. 
     147Once you have completed all the conflicts, return back to the parent directory and svn commit with a message like 'merge -rFIRST:LAST' 
     148as this shows up in the log where you merged the branch back.