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This page stores my ideas and thoughts and other stuff related to my use of Padre.
I will be commenting on releases and connect wishes/comments to tickets when possible.
I will be making comments on: Padre, CPAN6, Rakudo, Parrot, Mod_parrot, DBDI, git, MySQL/PostgreSQL, FreeBSD
which is the toolchain I will keep an eye on, helping me to build web applications in perl6.

PADRE on Windows Vista

padre-Standalone-5.10.0-alpha-1.exe released: 2009.01.18
. Installed on Windows Vista
. Created a shortcut C:\padre\perl\bin\padre.bat (with start in: c:\padre\perl\bin)
+ installer works
+ editor works
+ uninstall works

  • wish the console window temporarily necessary for starting padre will die soon
  • uninstaller does not remove c:\padre\cpan\histfile
  • wish the installation could be to any destination=portable
  • wish the installation included parrot/rakudo released: 2009.01.16
. Installed on Windows Vista
. Created a shortcut C:\portable\perl\bin\portablepadre.bat (with start in: c:\padre\perl\bin)
+ editor works
+ comes with parrot 0.8.2
+ uninstalls easily, simply delete the c:\portable directory
+ files saved with .p6 extension is recognized in the status bar with: application/x-perl6 mime
+ RUN ctrl-F5 c:\portable\parrot\parrot.exe c:\portable\parrot\languages\perl6\perl6.pbc c:\lab\p6p6ext.p6 runs perl6 code
+ files saved with .p6 extension and run via F5 is interpreted by parrot.exe perl6.pbc with output to output window

  • wish the portable is portable
  • wish the console window temporarily necessary for starting padre will die soon

Feature Requests These have not been targeted any milestones
? wish I don't have to save a file for running some fast test code in the editor and get output to the output window
? wish the output window supported input prompt as if the code were run in a shell
? wish use v6; or perl6 specific syntax in file was enough to have status bar reflect: application/x-perl6 mime

Plugin Ideas
? wish: visual memory manager in the gui for debugging and understanding memory usage
? wish: integrated sql database manager
? wish: cpan integration - gui for core and extras module management and dependency relations and install log
? wish: file explorer panel and VCS integration and project management via plugin
? wish: integrated parrot/rakudo/perl5 upgrade/downgrade/activator/deactivator mechanism
? wish: additional languages come as plugins
? wish: GUI designer - wxwidgets especially
? wish: UML designer with stub code generator
? wish: application starter guide(gui, script, daemon, systray app, webapp)


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? when can & will CPAN5 module owners begin to create CPAN6 counterparts?
. This needs to take off we all know that, but is there anyone driving this initiative?


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General FAQ

Q: Will perl6 code be able to use cpan5 modules? When?
A: ?