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Updated roadmap

We don't yet use the Roadmap feature of Trac.

In general everyone works on his/her favorite area.

We encourage developers to open tickets for the ideas but often people just implement features.

We release about once a week when we feel the project is stable enough.

Based on the mail thread

  • Integrating features from Ecliptic to core (AZAWAWI++)
  • Move F2 from Perl 6 to core, provide context sensitive help for Perl 5 keywords, variables and constructs
  • CPAN GUI client - beginning are in the 'Perl 5 plugin' (see yumex ?)
  • SVN/Git integration improvement (maybe also CVS and RCS ?)
    • Run on Windows
    • Integrate into directory browser
    • Other improvements
  • Separate out the Wx::Perl::Dialog and Wx::Perl::Dialog::Simple package (after making Alias happy) or maybe only Wx::Perl::Dialog::Simple ? so I can start using it in

simple examples for scripts.

  • Debugger integration (with the visual elements)
  • Packaging for Linux and Mac OSX (to make it easy to just download, unzip and run it)
  • Emacs keybinding (Teejay)
  • Versioned saves, See Padre::Autosave
  • "Install from CPAN" when right-clicking on a red line marking the attempt to "use" an unknown module - Andreas Lund


An outline of where Padre is heading

  • Make Padre a good replacement for Notepad++ by making it stable and having all the feature that are really useful in Notepad++
  • Make Padre a good replacement of Multi-Edit and Ultra-Edit
  • Cover the planned Features
  • Provide integration with version control systems - at least SVN, SVK and Git.
  • Provide integration with Bug tracking system - at least Bugzilla and Trac.
  • Cooperative editing (at minimum we would like to let one person edit and the others watch)
  • Provide a platform for application development (along with Strawberry Perl)

Personal Plans

The Padre Developers can put here a list of items they are planning to work on. Better connect them to trac tickets...

Gabor Szabo

I'd be glad if others helped with any of these task.

Aid for Padre developers

  • IRC robot for trac updates
  • Buildbot setup for continuous testing
  • post commit hook to generate docs in HTML format

To allow others to work safer on Padre:

  • Code cleanup and adding (unit) tests ( #22 )

Stuff that beginners need

  • Promoting the translations: TranslationIntro
  • Perl 5 Debugger integration (while the corresponding grant proposal was postponed, I think having a debugger in Padre is very important) ( #11, )
  • Context sensitive help ( #96, #56, #58, #59 )
  • Download and Installation, especially for Windows.
  • Sample perl scripts + tutorial that comes with Padre
  • First runner should get a sample Perl script with some directions on how to read more, or run it etc.
  • Clean up the Calltips and add simple examples to the most important functions.
  • "New Perl script" feature that will include use strict, use warnings and maybe some other skeleton code ( #21 )
  • Run from Padre should be able to allow STDIN as well (maybe we should spawn a shell or cmd and run the perl script there as some other editors do) ( #110 )
  • Remote editing ( #12 ) and remote running via ssh or telnet
  • Catch common errors of beginners ( #52 )