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explain registration

You need Register and then login before you can create tickets or edit the wiki. Registration is locked most of the time, see Howto for details.

Once you are done with that you'll see a link to new ticket.

Before you submit a bug report please make sure

  • You are using the latest released version of Padre
  • Check if there is already a ticket with the same issue, maybe even fixed in trunk {1}
  • You might want to ask around on our mailing list or on IRC: #padre on
  • In the report please provide the details of your Operating system, Perl version number, version of Wx and wxWidgtes
  • In addition please describe how did you install Padre?
    • from CPAN?
    • downloaded binary executable from our web site?
    • ppm?
    • rpm or deb of your operating system vendor?
$ perl -v
$ perl -MWx -e'printf(qq(Wx Version=($Wx::VERSION) %s unicode=(%s)\n), Wx::wxVERSION_STRING(), Wx::wxUNICODE())'

on Windows:

c> perl -v
c> perl -MWx -e"printf(qq(Wx Version=($Wx::VERSION) %s unicode=(%s)\n), Wx::wxVERSION_STRING(), Wx::wxUNICODE())"

and on Mac:

$ perl -v
$ wxPerl -MWx -e'printf(qq(Wx Version=($Wx::VERSION) %s unicode=(%s)\n), Wx::wxVERSION_STRING(), Wx::wxUNICODE())'
  • Please also provide a description how to reproduce the bug

Before you submit a feature request, please check

  • that there is no such request yet {1}
  • Please describe a use case for the feature
  • If you have examples of other IDEs or editors providing a similar feature, please let us know and explain the details

You are always welcome to attach a patch implementing the feature or fixing the bug.