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In order to reduce the likeliness of SPAM and to make sure you get follow-up e-mail on the issues you report we require registration with a valid e-mail address in order to open a ticket or report a bug.

So please register and login.

Once you are done with that you'll see a link to new ticket.

Before you submit a bug report please make sure

  • You are using the latest released version of Padre
  • Check if there is already a ticket with the same issue, maybe even fixed in trunk {1}
  • You might want to ask around on our mailing list or on IRC: #padre on
  • In the report please provide the details of your Operating system, Perl version number, version of Wx and wxWidgtes
  • In addition please describe how did you install Padre?
    • from CPAN?
    • downloaded binary executable from our web site?
    • ppm?
    • rpm or deb of your operating system vendor?
$ perl -v
$ perl -MWx -le'print  "Wx Version: $Wx::VERSION " . Wx::wxVERSION_STRING()'

on Windows:

$ perl -v
$ perl -MWx -le"print  qq(Wx Version: $Wx::VERSION ) . Wx::wxVERSION_STRING();"

and on Mac:

$ perl -v
$ wxPerl -MWx -le'print  "Wx Version: $Wx::VERSION " . Wx::wxVERSION_STRING()'
  • Please also provide a description how to reproduce the bug

Before you submit a feature request, please check

  • that there is no such request yet {1}
  • Please describe a use case for the feature
  • If you have examples of other IDEs or editors providing a similar feature, please let us know and explain the details

You are always welcome to attach a patch implementing the feature or fixing the bug.