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Temporary page for tutorial before they are added to the real web site

Getting Started with Padre on Windows

  • Download Padre 0.41 from the name of the file to be saved on the desktop is called almost-six-0.41.msi (TODO have a clearer name of the package on the website)
  • Run this installer by double clicking on the icon
  • It will ask you to accept the terms and then press the Install button
  • Once installation is finished you should be able to see the installed icons by pressing on "Start" then on "Programs" and then selecting "Padre Standalone Plus Six".
  • The package you donwloaded is the latest version packaged for Windows but there are newer version of Padre, you should now upgrade by doing the following: (TODO: Padre, or the installation should have an icon that upgrads Padre) (Better yet, it should wrap a small wx application that shows a progressbar by default on which one can select to see details which would show the text as it is printed to the console that can be killed if the installations gets stuck.)
perl -MCPAN -e "CPAN->upgrade('/^Padre/')"

This will open a black window. You'll see text printed in that window while Padre is being upgraded. The process will take 4-5 minutes.

  • Run Padre by clicking on "Start", selecting "Programs", selecting "Padre Standalone Plus Six" and clicking on "Padre".
  • Configure (TODO should be the deafult)
  • PATH?

Help for problem solving

run "Start", "Run", type in "cmd" and press enter. In the black window type echo %PATH% then type perl -V

Comments for the Padre developers:

  • support .plx files?