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Learning wxPerl and wxWidgets

For those like me (Gabor) who lack imagination here is an explanation of the stack.

  • wxWidgets is the name of the C++ library that can be installed either by your operating systems package management tool ( aptitude install wx-common in case of Debian ) or by installing Alien::wxWidgets from CPAN
  • Scintilla is an editor component written in C++ and used in many editors. It has been included in wxWidgets ad the STC or wxStyledTextCtrl and is used in Padre.
  • wxPerl is the name of the Perl binding to wxWidgets (or wrapper if you prefer that word) - It is packaged as the Wx distro on CPAN. Some of the recent Linux distros might also have.
  • Above all that comes our code (Padre in our case)

Home of wxPerl

downloadable version:

Home of wxWidgets

tutorial of Mattia Barbon

tutorial by Jouke Visser

STC or StyledTextCtrl? is Scintilla

Yellow Brain documentation of Wx::StyledTextCtrl

Ruby documentation of Wx::StyledTextCtrl

stock items in wx

a kind of WxPerl cheat sheet

Creating GUI code for Padre - A walk through a new feature

The latest versions of wxPerl, wxWidgets and Scintilla

  • Scintilla 1.70 was released 20 June 2006,
  • Scintilla 2.x latest is 2.24, released on 3 February 2011 and has the following Perl lexer changes:
    • Release 2.20: Perl folder works for array blocks, adjacent package statements, nested PODs, and terminates package folding at __DATA__, ^D and ^Z.
    • Release 1.78: Perl lexer fixes problem with string matching caused by line endings.
    • Release 1.77: Perl lexer update.
    • Release 1.76: Perl lexer handles defined-or operator "". ""Perl 5.10 support""
    • Release 1.75: Perl lexer enhanced for handling minus-prefixed barewords, underscores in numeric literals and vector/version strings, ^D and ^Z similar to __END__, subroutine prototypes as a new lexical class, formats and format blocks as new lexical classes, and '/' suffixed keywords and barewords.
    • Release 1.79: Perl lexer bug fixed where previous lexical states persisted causing "/" special case styling and subroutine prototype styling to not be correct.
    • Release 1.71: Perl lexer allows UTF-8 identifiers and has some other small improvements.

In order to get a newer version of Scintilla someone first has to integrate it into wxWidgets and once it is released someone has to integrate it into wxPerl.

Various Items and suggestions

See Wx-Perl-DirTree? on CPAN