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wxWidgets and Scintilla versions

Learning wxPerl and wxWidgets

For those like me (Gabor) who lack imagination here is an explanation of the stack.

  • wxWidgets is the name of the C++ library that can be installed either by your operating systems package management tool ( aptitude install wx-common in case of Debian ) or by installing Alien::wxWidgets from CPAN
  • Scintilla is an editor component written in C++ and used in many editors. It has been included in wxWidgets ad the STC or wxStyledTextCtrl and is used in Padre.
  • wxPerl is the name of the Perl binding to wxWidgets (or wrapper if you prefer that word) - It is packaged as the Wx distro on CPAN. Some of the recent Linux distros might also have.
  • Above all that comes our code (Padre in our case)

Home of wxPerl

downloadable version:

Home of wxWidgets

tutorial of Mattia Barbon

tutorial by Jouke Visser

Documentation of Wx::StyledTextCtrl

stock items in wx

The versions of my wxWidgtes and Scintilla

The latest version of Alien::wxWidgtes 0.40 released on oct 15, 2008 is using wxWidgets 2.8.8 ( if I am correct that this is the indicating file: )

which in turn uses Scintilla 1.70 based on this file contrib/src/stc/scintilla/README.txt in the wxWidgets 2.8.8 source code.

According to the latest wxWidgets version is 2.8.9, released on sept 22, 2008.

Based on file contrib/src/stc/scintilla/README.txt 2.8.9 also uses version 1.70 of Scintilla.

According to the latest version is 1.77, released on Oct 18, 2008 while 1.70 was released 20 June 2006, more than 2 years ago.

I guess in order to get a newer version of Scintilla someone first has to integrate it into wxWidgtes and once it is released someone has to integrate it into wxPerl.

According to the head of wxWidgtes currently contains Scintilla 1.75

Perl 5.10 support (eg. parsing) was added to 1.76 (see )