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Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement

Code of Conduct

Always be respectful to other people and their code. That means that even if you know the person who wrote the code and even if you don't emphasize whose code are you commenting on derogatory comments should never be made. It can be very offensive to the person who wrote the code in the first place. Others who just touched that part of the code might become defensive. Yet others, even those who have not yet contributed to our project can easily run away as they don't want to hear or read such comments on their code. Even if they themselves know that their code is bad. There are ways to comment on badly written code that is not offensive.

Of course you can always comment on your own code that it is crappy as long as it is clear to everyone that you are talking about your own code.

When advocating Padre always be respectful of people's choices. Padre is not the answer for everyone, and we're okay with that. Telling your friends about all the reasons that Padre is awesome is okay, but if it doesn't sound like their cup of tea to them, don't keep pushing or be insulting; we want people to be just as comfortable not choosing Padre as they are choosing Padre.

Diversity Statement

Based on the Diversity Statement of Dreamwidth therefore This document is usable under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA license.

Platitudes are cheap. We've all heard services say they're committed to "diversity" and "tolerance" without ever getting specific, so here's our stance on it:

We welcome you.

We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, age, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, religion, culture, subculture, and political opinion. We welcome activists, artists, bloggers, crafters, dilettantes, musicians, photographers, readers, writers, ordinary people, extraordinary people, and everyone in between. We welcome people who want to change the world, people who want to help others write code, people who want to make a good environment for themselves, people who want to make great art, and people who just need a break after work. We welcome fans, geeks, nerds, and pixel-stained technopeasant wretches. We welcome beginners who aren't sure what any of those terms refer to.

We welcome you. You may wear a baby sling, hijab, a kippah, leather, piercings, a pentacle, a political badge, a rainbow, a rosary, tattoos, or something we can only dream of. You may carry a guitar or knitting needles or a sketchbook. Conservative or liberal, libertarian or socialist - we believe it's possible for people of all viewpoints and persuasions to come together, work on a project together and learn from each other. We believe in the broad spectrum of human experience. We believe that amazing things come when people from different worlds and world-views approach each other to create a conversation. Or an IDE.

We get excited about creativity - from pro to amateur, from novels to haiku, from the artist who's been doing this for decades to the person who just picked up a sketchbook last week. We support maximum freedom of creative expression, within the few restrictions we need to keep in order to ensure others can enjoy the fruits of our labor. In order to keep the license of Padre free you must ensure that any contribution you make to the Padre project could be done legally and it is free from any strings attached especially by your employee or by your government. You should never upload files to either the SVN server or the bug tracking system that cannot be legally redistributed from our server which is currently located in US, or that requires a license incompatible with Padre's Open Source license.

We think accessibility for people with disabilities is a priority, not an afterthought. We think neurodiversity is a feature, not a bug. We believe in being inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of anyone who comes to us with good faith and the desire to build a community and software.

We have enough experience to know that we won't get any of this perfect on the first try. But we have enough hope, energy, and idealism to want to learn things we don't know now. We may not be able to satisfy everyone, but we can certainly work to avoid offending anyone. And we promise that if we get it wrong, we'll listen carefully and respectfully to you when you point it out to us, and we'll do our best to make good on our mistakes.

We use our IDE ourselves. We build it as we would like to have a really good editor but we also build it for the beginners and for people who are too busy to get involved in the development itself.

Come code with us.