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Contacting the Padre developers

Get support from Padre developers via public mailing list and IRC channel

Contacting the Padre developers

Padre is an open source project with many participants. There are two main channels to contact us. Via chat (using IRC) and on our mailing list.

IRC channel

The primary communication channel is the IRC channel of the Padre developers. It is located on the server and it is called #padre. You can use either an IRC client if you have one on your computer or the web-based Mibbit IRC client. For the formers you would want to click on this link. If you prefer to use the web based client the you can follow the link to the web based IRC client to #padre. After clicking on that link you will be prompted to give a nickname. The field is filled by a random name that you can leave as it is though it is probably better to select a nickname that fits your personalty.

After clicking on the Connect button you will see the #padre IRC channel. First it will print some welcome information that you can usually disregard and then you will be able to say hi by just typing it and pressing enter. Then you can proceed to ask your question.

After asking a question please be patient as the people might be busy doing other things so it can take some time till someone responds.

The #padre channel is being logged. You can see the history here. Specifically visit the log of today.

Mailing list

The Padre development mailing list is another way to ask for help. It is usually slower than IRC but it also means you don't have to be connected to the channel while waiting someone to answer your questions. To join the mailing list please visit the registration page of the padre-dev mailing list.