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Getting Involved in Padre, the Perl IDE

Padre is built by people like you. Find out how to get involved in the project.

Getting Involved - How can I participate?

We encourage participation of all kinds.

There's tons of simple things you can do even if you don't have much time!

The source code of Padre has moved from a Subversion repository to GitHub. We are also going to use the Issue-tracking provided by GitHub.

As we used to use Trac for bug tracking and project management many of the links in this section lead to the relevant page on our Trac installation.

  • Talk to us via our IRC channel or our mailing list!
  • Join the translators, Padre comes in a dozen languages. Provide a new translation or update a current one.
  • Try out the latest release and tell us what you think. The first step is to download and install Padre. It is very easy on MS Windows, it is slightly more difficult on Linux or Mac OS X but we are working on that too. Packaging and distribution is one of the areas where we'll be glad to get your help.
  • Turn on the Padre Popularity Contest plug-in so we can study how you use Padre. (Once Padre is installed go to the Plug-ins menu option. Select the "Plug-in Manager" Select the "Padre Popularity Contest" and click on the "Enable" button.
  • Report bugs and request features by creating a new ticket
  • Help maintaining our web site
  • Write patches to fix things that annoy you. See the developer howto for details.
  • Fork the appropriate GitHub repository, add new features, fix bugs and send a pull-request.
  • Experimenting with the plug-in system, we even make a "Personal Plug-in" for you to play with.
  • There are some issues with External Dependencies, we would love to see those issues addressed.
  • Add some information to our Competitor Analysis, and identify missing features.
  • If you use Padre in packaged form, help escalate bug reports and other OS-specific packaging issues up into the main project. (See ticket #540)
  • Join the Padre PR Team! Spread the word and help out with the Public Relations effort.