Download Padre


Instructions for the Installation from the GitHub Repository
  1. Make sure your cpan works - make, gcc, etc.
  2. Make sure you remove all traces of wxWidgets 2.6 from your system
  3. Install wxWidgets 2.8 or later - cpan Alien::wxWidgets will download and compile and install it for you
  4. install (or upgrade) Wx - cpan Wx
  5. install Module::Install (if its not already there)
  6. add the following settings to cpan:
  • conf build_requires_install_policy yes
  • conf prerequisites_policy follow
  • o conf commit
  1. svn co Padre
  2. cd Padre
  3. sudo cpan
  4. perl dev

For a complete checkout including all Padre plugins, branches and supporting stuff, use but be warned - this is a huge amount of source! If you're using git-svn, you can use the --revision argument to limit from where git-svn starts fetching revisions.