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Command Line Window


While Padre is primarily a GUI based IDE we (ok, at least some of us) think that using the command line has advantages at least in some of use-cases. For example there is no really usable way in a GUI to remember and to select from the names of the last 100 or 1000 opened files. On the command line (shell) of Unix it is quite simple to look up previous commands in the history.

This can be very useful if I want to open a file I opened a while ago or if I want to open a file which has a similar name to what I had earlier. The Command Line Window of Padre is an experiment to provide an integrated way to enjoy the features of command line with the IDE.


  • enable the command line window. View -> Show Command Line Window.
  • press ? to get the list of commands.
  • :! cmd - run command in shell. do :! ls to get the list of files and dirs.
  • :e filename - open file. do :e (or every other file) to open the file on padre.
  • :history - shows the history of all the commands.
  • :keycatcher Number - shows the value of a single event.
  • :padre cmd - runs a perl command. example: :padre Padre::Current->main->message("hi").


A lot more features need to be added before this becomes really usable.