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Perl Critic


The CPAN module Perl::Critic provides a way to check perl code according to certain rules. The Padre::Plugin::Critic provides a simple interface to run these checks.


  1. Create a new document
  2. Type in the following code:
          $file = "abc";
          open FH, $file;
  3. Run Tools/Perl Critic/Perl::Critic current document
  4. The output window at the bottom of the screen should open and show the following:
          Perl::Critic running with default or user configuration
          Code before strictures are enabled at line 1, column 1. See page 429 of PBP.
          Bareword file handle opened at line 2, column 1. See pages 202,204 of PBP.
          Two-argument "open" used at line 2, column 1. See page 207 of PBP.


  1. test in saved files
  2. test on non-perl files
  3. test what happens if no file is opened
  1. Build a GUI to allow the user to see all the available rules and allow them to create a configuration file using this GUI
  2. Allow the user to click on the report lines and jump to the actual code in the editor and/or to see the documentation of the specific issue