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Feature: Project Browser


Padre provides automatic project management for "standard" Perl projects. A project is a directory structure. The root of the directory tree is where Padre finds on of the project indicators: * Makefile.PL * Build.PL * dist.ini * or if none of those exist creating an empty padre.yml file will tell padre what is the root.

The project browser is a window on the left hand side of Padre that allows the user to see the directory structure of the project and the files in the project. It also allows opening files and other files-system related operations.


  1. Launch Padre
  2. Close all files using File -> Close -> Close all files
  3. Open the project browser using View -> Show Project Browser/Tree
  4. A window should open on the left hand side of Padre
  5. It should be empty (TBD. I am not sure this is a good behavior)
  6. Open the Makefile.PL of the Padre project using Ctrl+O
  7. The project browser window should be filled with the directory tree of Padre
  8. close Makefile.PL
  9. The project browser window should become empty (TBD. should it become empty?)
  10. Now open the share/styles/default.yml in the Padre project
  11. The project browser should show the directory of the Padre project again
  12. browse the directories of the Padre project
  13. open a file from the project by double-clicking on its name in the project browser
  14. save it under another name using F12
  15. check if the file appears in the Project Browser window
  16. delete the newly created file (using the tools of your operating system, outside of Padre)
  17. observe that the listing of the file has disappeared from the Project browser
  18. load file using "Search" -> "Open Resource ..."


  • describe what padre.yml is for
  • projects for non perl 5 projects
  • Integrate with VCS