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Run an application from within the editor

Simple running works but there are several options here.

Default: If the files is .pl save automatically and run it with the current perl.

Any other file, don't run for now, just display a message.

When running a script disable the Run menu and show a stop menu point. Make sure both STDOUT and STDERR are displayed along with all of their newlines. Allow for STDIN to be redirected to the external process.

  • When developing a script we would like to run the current file (the one we currently watch) with some predefined options we should save these options before runs
  • When developing a larger application with several modules and a script we would like to run a predefined script with some predefined options
  • Both of the above should be either directly or using a debugger
  • STDERR and STDOUT should be captured - for simple command line script we might want to have a full command line emulation?
  • Run the unit tests assuming Makefile.PL or Build.PL