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Programmers tend to add comments to their code to remind themselves for things they will need to do later. They usually mark them with some specific word or string so they can easily search for that string later. Many times this string is TODO or TO DO or XXX.

The TODO List Feature of Padre makes it easier to see all such items in the current file. When enabled via View/Show To-do list Padre will open a window on the right side listing all the lines that match a pre-defined regex. This regex is configurable via Preferences/Behavior/RegExp for TODO panel


  1. Open a perl 5 file (check in the status bar if the mime-type is Perl 5)
  2. Open the TODO list window using View -> To-Do List.
  3. Check if the window opened on the right-hand side
  4. In the file type in the following:
          # TODO hello
  5. See that the text hello appears in the TODO window
  6. (due to a bug currently it only shows up after saving the file)


  • add more items to the test case to cover the other features and bugs as well.
  • simple text files
  • other files (with other kinds of commenting mechanism)
  • new file that has never been saved
  • change the regex to an incorrect one, see that padre does not let you save the incorrect regex
  • change the regex to some other correct value and see if that works