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Perl Help sites and Perl tutorials

Get help from other Perl programmers. Learn Perl.

Questions and Answers (Forums)

PerlMonks is one of the biggest Perl community support sites. Padre originally got its name partially to fit in the house of the Perl Monks.

StackOverflow is a generic programming Q&A site with a section dedicated to Perl related Questions

Searching for Perl modules on CPAN

MetaCPAN, is a modern search engine for CPAN that was launched in 2011. Some features it still missing but it is in active development. It also has a very nice interface.

Search CPAN is the older CPAN search engine. It has been around for many years and it has a few very nice features you cannot find elsewhere.

Perl Documentation

The standard Documentation of Perl that comes with Perl and so is available directly from Padre has an online version as well. Some people, especially non-Padre users will prefer that to their local copy.

Perl Tutorials and Books

Perl tutorial by Gabor Szabo.

Modern Perl Book by chromatic.

Learn Perl tutorial by Eric Wilhelm.

Learn Perl resources on

Perl Begin by Shlomi Fish.

News about Perl

Ironman Perl blog aggregator.

Perl Sphere Perl blog aggregator.

Perl Buzz links and twitter feed curated by Andy Lester.

Perl Weekly newsletter curated by Gabor Szabo.

Mailing lists

There are lots of Perl mailing lists for different subject. Usually they are rather silent but the best experts lurk there.


PrePAN, social reviewing for Perl Modules.