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Plugin Git

Plugins To Enable {{{Padre::Plugin::Git}}} in Padre, go to Tools->Plug-in Manager, select Git in left area.

Please note version compatibility, it's important, you can check what version is installed for {{{Git}}} use Plug-in Manager for Padre look in Help -> About -> Information

Padre::Plugin::Git v0.12 - Padre 0.97+ Padre::Plugin::Git v0.03 - Padre 0.96


Author Scott Chacon Licence


after banging my head on git, and being kicked by several to get over it, I decide that the best solution was to update the Git plugin on my little journey of enlightenment.

so after reading the early chapters of {{{ProGit}}} the following came to be.


  • I have assumed that setting up your git repro as such has been done. or forking in {{{GitHub}}} ->
  • local - git repro that is local to your editor, ie. same machine!
  • origin
    • repro on external server
    • repro in your {{{GitHub}}}
  • upstream: the repro your origin is forked from
  • File assume current in editor.
  • Directory within project
  • Project -> project_dir


most of the output is displayed in a dialogue, but sometimes I use the status bar

Tools ->Git ( only visible if current file is in a .git repository )


* Staging
 * Stage File
 * Stage All
 * Unstage File ( reset HEAD file )
 * Stage Patch ( git add -p file )
* Commit
 * Commit File
 * Commit Project
 * Commit amend
 * Commit All ( stages and commits all -> git commit -a)
 * Commit Patch ( git commit -p file )
* Checkout
 * Checkout File
* Status
 * File Status
 * Directory Status
 * Project Status
* Diff
 * Diff of File
 * Diff of Staged File
 * Diff of Directory
 * Diff of Project
* Log ( need better names )
 * log --stat -2
 * log -p -2
 * log pretty
* Blame
 * Blame, Current file ( for dod+ )


* Origin
 * Show Origin Info.
 * Push to Origin
 * Fetch from Origin
 * Pull from Origin


* Upstream
 * Show Upstream Info.
 * Fetch Upstream
 * Merge Upstream Master


* Branching
 * Branch Info
 * Fetch All Branches from Origin


* GitHub Pull Request
 * see "GitHUb Access" below, with out it, it won't work.
NB. Context menu -> Commit All


Scenario 1

So you have just forked a {{{GitHub}}} repo and cloned to your local machine, made a change to a file.
* local Stage File
* local Commit File
* Push to Origin
* {{{GitHub}}} Pull Request
four clicks that's all

Scenario 2

Your {{{GitHub}}} fork is out of sync with the master origin.
* Fetch Upstream
* Merge Upstream Master
* Push to Origin
Tip use the Show * Info before and after to check if you want to.

GitHUb Access

To be able to use the github pull request, we will need a //username// and //token// being stored in environment variables (in .bash_profile or wherever) external to {{{Padre-Plugin-Git}}}
* my $user  = $ENV{GITHUB_USER};
 * {{{}}} all we need is the username bit.
* my $token = $ENV{GITHUB_TOKEN};
 * suggest you use {{{Padre-Plugin-Git}}} as the note for this token.
my $o     = $oauth->create_authorization(
	{   scopes => [ 'user', 'public_repo', 'repo', 'gist' ], # just ['public_repo']
		note => 'Padre-Plugin-Git',


* Auto write git commits to project Changes file This use CPAN::Changes to write git commits to project Change file, This abuses the {{$NEXT}} token as a valid version, ( this is what it looks for {{$NEXT}} token in your Changes file )

see CPAN::Changes::Spec for format

suggest you make a copy first

 - bump version to 0.01_06 [3a67ed7]
 - we don't die any more if client can't connect to a server, as we are a
   gui [7eaee9c]

0.01_06 2012-11-03
 - Update Changes to CPAN::Changes::Spec [abb591e]
 - Update Changes to CPAN::Changes::Spec [bde5532]
 - randomly select a status responses to correspond to wiki page [30bb6fa]


This provides Simple / Basic git cmd interface and a bit more.

//An example of this is the Stage / Commit -p(--patch) option which just fires up a terminal, for the interactivity//

if you want more, should look at the following, per say, or check the Git page.

* git gui
* git cola
* gitg


* basic local - DONE
* basic remote - DONE
* GitHub pull request - DONE

* await critiques :)
* release to CPAN - DONE
* mj41> bowtie: my daily git workflow is probably too complex ...  
 * git gui (to select lines to stage), 
 * git ci -a --fixup anySHA, 
 * git rebase -i, 
 * git reset --hard, 
 * git co somebranch