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Padre Plugin Nopaste

Plugins To Enable {{{Padre::Plugin::Nopaste}}} in Padre, go to Tools->Plug-in Manager, select Nopaste in left area, then click preferences to open dialog and save your chosen service and #channel. Or just let it default to Shadowcat and #padre.

Please note version compatibility, it's important, you can check what version is installed for {{{Nopaste}}} use Plug-in Manager for Padre look in Help -> About -> Information

Padre::Plugin::Nopaste v0.06 on Padre 0.96

Padre Plug-in Manager

You can gain access to the Prefs dialog via context menu (right mouse)

Usage Ctrl+Shift+V

* works against whole file or selected text.

supported Nopaste services

/whois server
  • Codepeek
  • Debian
  • Gist
  • PastebinCom
  • Pastie
  • Shadowcat (Channel: #distzilla #perl-help #padre #soap-lite #angerwhale #rt +#perlde +#p5p #tt #iusethis #reaction #handel +#moose #poe #cometd #pita #dbix-class #catalyst)
  • Snitch
  • Ubuntu
  • ssh
Please add additions for above below and they will be added to plugin for all on next release


You must have a nickname set
  • look in Tools -> Preferences -> Advance
  • you might like to set your name and e-mail while you are there :) why you might ask, well this is a plugin and nickname is in Padre core, just being respectful to core :)