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In general everyone works on his/her favorite area.

We encourage developers to open tickets for the ideas but often people just implement features.

We release about once a week when we feel the project is stable enough.

Based on the mail thread.

  • Integrating features from Ecliptic to core (azawawi++)
  • Move F2 from Perl 6 to core, provide context sensitive help for Perl 5 keywords, variables and constructs (azawawi++)
  • CPAN GUI client - beginning are in the 'Perl 5 plugin' (see yumex ?)
  • SVN/Git integration improvement (maybe also CVS and RCS ?)
    • Run on Windows
    • Integrate into directory browser
    • Other improvements
  • Separate out the Wx::Perl::Dialog and Wx::Perl::Dialog::Simple package (after making Alias happy) or maybe only Wx::Perl::Dialog::Simple ? so I can start using it in simple examples for scripts.
  • Debugger integration (with the visual elements)
  • Packaging for Linux and Mac OSX (to make it easy to just download, unzip and run it)
  • Emacs keybinding (Teejay)
  • Versioned saves, See Padre::Autosave
  • "Install from CPAN" when right-clicking on a red line marking the attempt to "use" an unknown module - Andreas Lund


An outline of where Padre is heading
  • Make Padre a good replacement for Notepad++ by making it stable and having all the feature that are really useful in Notepad++
  • Make Padre a good replacement of Multi-Edit and Ultra-Edit
  • Cover the planned Features
  • Provide integration with version control systems - at least SVN, SVK and Git.
  • Provide integration with Bug tracking system - at least Bugzilla and Trac.
  • Cooperative editing (at minimum we would like to let one person edit and the others watch)
  • Provide a platform for application development (along with Strawberry Perl)