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Building GUI with wxFormBuilder

Building GUI for Padre can be done either manually as we did earlier or using the wxFormBuilder.

  1. Use Padre::Plugin::FormBuilder. It is not released on CPAN so you need to install it from our repository.
  2. Please follow this discussion

The actual process is

  1. Using wxFormBuilder open the appropriate file in the project fbp directory.
  2. Install FormBuilder plugin from SVN (it's not good enough to release)
    NOTE: you need to install the FormBuilder plugin (not just run it with 'dev -a') as it uses File::ShareDir, which only seems to work fro installed files.
  3. Use the FormBuilder plugin to generate the code for the dialog.
  4. Save the code over the top of the existing .pm module in the Padre::Wx::FBP namespace with no modifications. The ::FBP:: namespace is designed specifically for this purpose, to hold unmodified generated files.
  5. Open the Padre::Wx::Dialog:: module, which inherits from the ::FBP:: module. Edit to apply any custom changes needed to match the generated code.