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Competitor Analysis

Using this PerlMonks comparison table as a starting point, use this page to develop a dossier on each of our competitors. One section for each editor, with a summary of the editor, it's activity level, the degree to which it competes, a list of the Good Ideas we can adopt/implement/steal from it, and links to any Tickets for the [wiki:Features].

Eclipse + EPIC

Komodo and Komodo Edit

  • Komodo
  • Komodo Edit
  • journal
  • Notepad++

    PDL programming and IDE environment (i.e. Matlab and others)

    The goal is to make the Perl Data Language easy to start with and use. Some example packages in the Python world are: The key is
    • one-click install
    • instant usability for beginners
    • flexibility
    • extensibility
    • no ceiling on use (that is were the tie-in with Padre for developers is very nice)


    • (not there any more
    • TextWrangler