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Take a look at the current state of Padre on our Screenshots page.

Project Objectives

Some of the objectives of the project:

  • Make it very easy to start using it, especially for Perl development.
  • Easy installation on Windows, Linux and other operating systems
  • By default work like notepad, hide most of the options.
  • Make it very Perl beginner friendly
  • Out of the box allow running Perl scripts, have Perl documentation.
  • Provide a variety of assistance options to help with learning Perl.
  • Auto-detect as much as possible, to provide a Do What I Mean working style.
  • Support for development of large cross language applications
  • Project-specific editor configuration.
  • Boilerplate creation for CPAN modules, Catalyst applications, and more.
  • Extend Padre with plugins to add new interfaces and functionality.
  • Support for languages that are often used with Perl (SQL, Javascript, HTML, XML)
  • Support for other programming languages (Python, PHP, Ruby etc.)
  • Support for Parrot and Perl 6
  • Support for Moose, Mouse and MooseX::Declare

How do I try it?

See Download for installation instructions. And be sure to check out the Documentation for additional info.

Setting up a development environment

Mailing lists


Padre's IRC channel is very active, and the best first point of call for questions or assistance.

We hang out on #padre on

It is being logged here:

You can also use the web-based IRC client on Mibbit from our IRC page


You can try our mailing list or IRC, but I am sure the PerlMonks will be glad to help you as well.


Before 7 August 2008 the source code was kept in a different SVN repository under various names. There was no easy way to transfer it so I started this repository from scratch. That pre-history can be found here: -r 941 -r 1080

The About page has links to related blog posts from before Padre was released.

Release History

Padre is written in Perl 5 using wxWidgets


A list of pages in the old Trac-bases wiki we still need to convert.